Faculty Organizers: 

Colleen Murphy:  Philosophy & Women and Gender in Global Perspectives Program

Paolo Gardoni:  Civil and Environmental Engineering

Monica McDermott:  Sociology

Noreen Sugrue:  Women and Gender in Global Perspectives Program & Center for Global Studies

Faculty Participants: 

Ann Abbott: Spanish and Portuguese

Flavia Andrade: Kinesiology and Community Health & Latin American and Caribbean Studies

Mary Arends-Kuenning:  Agricultural and Consumer Economics

Jeffrey Brown: Center for Business and Public Policy

Merle Bowen:  Political Science & Center for African Studies

Cynthia Buckley: Sociology & Russian and East European Studies Center

Tatyana Deryugina:  College of Business

Karen Flynn:  Gender and Women’s Studies

Eric Freyfogle: College of Law

Rochelle Gutierrez:   Education & Latina/Latino Studies

Heidi Hurd:  Law & Philosophy

Wynne Korr: Social Work

Deborah Leckband: Chemistry

Benjamin Lough: Social Work

Benito J. Mariñas: Civil & Environmental Egineering

Timothy McCarthy:  Philosophy & Linguistics

Robert McKim:   Religion & Philosophy

Anke Pinkert:  Germanic Languages

John Popovics:  Civil and Environmental Engineering

Tara Powell: School of Social Work

Elizabeth T. Powers:  Economics

Jesse Ribot: Department of Geography and Geographic Information Science, Social Dimensions of Environmental Policy

Arden Rowell:  College of Law

Rebecca Sandefur:  Sociology & Law

Marci Uihlein:  Architecture

Madhu Viswanathan: Business Administration

Chi-Fang Wu: Social Work

Donald Wuebbles: Atmospheric Sciences, Departments of Civil and Environmental Engineering, and Electrical and Computer Engineering

Min Zhan: Social Work

Affiliated Staff Participants:

Belinda De La Rosa:  Office of the Dean of Students

Pam Voitik:  Campus Services Administration

Affiliated Graduate Student Participants: 

Ishva Minefee

Srinivas Venugopal